The project “1418” is dedicated to those people, who know about the War more than we do. Those people who talk about It even 70 years after without excess sentimentality and stir, but with pride for their country and strong belief in victory. I photographed veterans and witnesses of the Great Patriotic War – some in senior centers, others surrounded by loving family members. These are not staged photos, they were made as candidly as possible under natural conditions. I was able to photograph his heroes as they were talking about the war, about how they found themselves there and what their life was like after.

2 exhibitions were held in Moscow:

“1418. They Survived It. Part 1” – Gogol-center, 05-06.2015
“1418. They Survived It. Part 2” – Moscow Manege, 06-07.2015

This project was made with help and support of Foodbank Rus